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Get your content & social strategy in 21 to 28 days

Your brand matters, especially post Covid-19

Why should customers buy your products? How do you contribute to a better world, treat your employees, and suppliers? Why do you do what you do? Content is, next to brand building, also a great tool to build leadership and your pro-active PR ‘defense’ mechanism.

Accountability marketing spend

Content should always contribute to your business objectives. In the end, it is all about sales. Define KPIs and/or OKRs for reporting. Fill the top of the funnel and shorten the sales process with content.


Content themes

A tree diagram with your main topics. Content is the proof of your brand mission and vision, in line with your brand values. Read more


Content eco-system

An overview of all touch-points, online and offline. What is your 'content house' and what are your channels to get eyeballs and generate traffic? Think about social, SEO, SEA, newsletters, e-shop, but also retail stores, print, TV, DOOH, packaging, ...

Used for your content distribution and campaigning to select and align all touchpoints. 

And an indispensable overview for when the sh*t hits the fan in times of crisis. What communication and message are sent out via what channel? What to stop, what not to stop, and what to use for your crisis communications message? Recently used with the COVID-19 communications. Read more


Social strategy

How to use your social channels: what audiences to reach using which channels and with what themes? Get an overview in place for your effective messaging and reaching the desired and targeted audiences to create an impact. 


Google YT & data research

Get insights into your audience’s needs. I promise you will be surprised by the outcome. Read more This is a deliverable by your agency, ballpark budget is between 7.5 to 15k. 


Combine media buying and content production

‘Get more bang for your buck.’ Smarter usage of the FB/IG algorithm for effectiveness and efficiency. Strategize media, create audiences, and ongoing testing of design assets.


Requirements for success

What do you need to make it a success? What are the limitations and risks to fix?

The first is you to own it. Get the seniority, the resources, and the budgets in place for the implementation and education. 

Second, there is no success without failure. Hence set up the stakeholder management, earn the trust, and create the time to have content that contributes to your business objectives. 


Publishing House in 10 days ‘Blueprint and roadmap’

Become your own publisher. balanced 60-40 between brand and marketing activation [Les Binet]. Set up your own publishing platform with smarter usage of Google and social to get eyeballs and generate traffic.

How to use social to build your brand


Editorial team, content board, and planning

Set up a department-agnostic content team with an Editor in Chief, producers, and data analyst. The stakeholders are involved and managed by the content board. 



With high-level yearly planning and detailed Q planning, realize iterative learning and ongoing improvements. First deliverable.


Implementation planning. Phased planning to set up the publishing house, with pilot projects to learn and improve. Including budget and resources. Second deliverable.



9h daily fee € 1.250 excl. VAT, including WARC subscription and access to an extended international network of agencies and freelancers. Guaranteed deliverables with a fixed price. For international assignments the daily fee can vary depending on travel and expenses. 

For a small and/or local brand, it can be done in 21 days.

21 to 28-day Content Strategy € 26.250 to € 35.000

10-day Publishing House € 12.500

The runtime of these processes is bespoke. Usually 8 to 10 weeks for the strategy, and 4 weeks for publishing.


Download the PDF