Best content tip I ever got

Apply Rule 6 to improve everything

He: ‘Apply Rule 6.’ 

Me: ‘WTF is Rule 6?’ 

He: ‘Don’t take yourself so goddamn seriously. It especially helps when I get in my own way.’  

Loving this philosophy. 


Why it matters

I guess we've all been there. You’re getting in your own way because you take yourself far too seriously (that’s me). Being stuck for content and procrastination for dear life (not me). And you try to be perfect (me again).

Things lighten up as soon as I apply Rule 6.


Rule 6. Don’t take yourself so serious

I know; it's easier said than done. It’s good to strive for something and be a professional; sometimes, we forget to have fun. 

Due to social pressure, expectations, and rat races imposed by others or us, we often become way too serious. 

Every time the going gets tough, I apply Rule 6. Am I still having fun in reaching the end goal or having great pleasure in the process? 

If not, reconsider or quit. 

Life is short. 


How to fix it

Work out. Slam some iron. Go for a run.

Go for a walk.

Drink some wine. Or beer. Or coffee. Or tea. 
What the hell, even water will do. 


Rule 6


When you're stuck for content

We, content creators, are too familiar with this. Lack of ideas and no flow.  Everything you create is atrocious and awful. The harder you try, the worse it gets. 

Creativity needs headspace.

Go for a run or a walk. Throw around some barbells in the CrossFit box. Take a long hot steamy shower. 

Call a friend. Have a laugh and some fun. 

The ideas will pop up on their own. I'm never short of ideas, not for this blog, a second book, or even my clients. 

With headspace, it's almost as if the content finds me, not vice versa. 


When you strive to be perfect 

This one totally applies. We strive to create the perfect content. The biggest pitfall is that perfection sucks out all the soul, and your content becomes invisible. 

Next to that, it takes forever to polish every pixel and reconsider every word. Perfection is the enemy of progress for a reason. 

Compare this to using Grammarly Pro. An amazing tool and improves my writing beyond belief. However, if I apply every suggestion by Grammarly, my writing will be grammatically perfect and f*cking boring as hell.  

The most engaging content is authentic and real, with a little flaw here and there. Produced in the moment. And you can see someone had fun and taking pride in their work. 

Go for the 8, don’t aim for the 10. Breaking news, you’ll never get there; if you do, it’s lost its soul and misses the engagement mark.


Fleur Willemijn van Beinum

Don't take yourself so serious. It's not worth it. 

Fleur Willemijn van Beinum

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