Bad habits

Stand up and speak out, say 'hell no' and 'f**k yes'

In this month of NY resolutions and what we’re going to do totally differently in 2023… I have bad intentions for my equally bad habits. 

Not starting the year what I’m going to improve and how to eliminate my bad habits. I start the year by feeding these and breaking out of the ordinary.

Why? Because I can; stand up and speak out. 


Why it matters

First. Go hard or go home.  No jokers. New year’s resolutions are promises to yourself; these are usually temporary lifestyle changes. Until you reach your goal – and then you go back to ‘normal’. 

The thing is, if you want it to last, you must change permanently. It’s not the diet you follow; it’s the eating habits you need to adjust. It’s not the Dry January; it’s becoming a responsible drinker. 

It’s the balance that lasts. To speak in marketing buzz, it’s not a start-stop campaign; it’s building your brand.

Second. New Year's resolutions usually are an empty promise to yourself. ‘Next year I am going to _______’, it’s an objective without measurable metrics or a solid plan. 

It’s doomed to fail even before you start. That’s why most NY resolutions evaporate even before the first month of the new year ends. 

If you want to fix this, use OKRs. Set an objective with measurable key results while you keep yourself accountable. That goes for personal development, as well as for businesses and brands. 


2023: stand up and speak out

I say ‘no’ to ‘eating healthier’, ‘no’ to ‘losing weight’, and ‘no’ to ‘more sports.’ I am already so f**king healthy and disciplined that I am becoming boring as hell. I’m becoming like everyone else, following what social and society prescribe.

In 2023 I say ‘Yes, please’ to more booze. ‘Yes’ to more unsuspected out-of-the-ordinary behavior. ‘Yes’ to being unpredictable. And ‘f**k yes’ to putting me first – putting your own oxygen mask on first. 


What brands could do

In 2023 I’ll do what more brands should and could do. 

Not being overly serious, have more fun, and show & tell this to the world. 

Secondly, I’ll be even more authentic than ever before. Maybe it’s because wisdom comes with age or it’s me being fed up with more of the same; I am WYSIWYG.

Cheers to that.  


P.S. Inspired or want to know more? Want some help with how to show and tell your true story to stand up and speak out? Drop me a DM or a note.


Fleur Willemijn van Beinum

Feeding my bad habits. Hello to ‘hell no’ and ‘f**k yes’! 

Fleur Willemijn van Beinum