Content & social are more than marketing

Take care you don't become intentionally aware – and don't have the balls to change a thing

Do you want to excel in content and thrive on social? First big step to take is to shift your mindset. Usually, content and social are embedded in the marketing department. Take it out of there. The sooner, the better.

Eliminate the ego and become aware. 


Why it matters

Long story short, why should you change? If you don't want to become accountable, have content and social contribute to the business objectives while you excel and thrive on content and social, get more reach and have some fun along the way – don't change and stay where you are. 

If you do want all of that… your first step is becoming aware with an intention to change. 

In this short blog, the two most important things to know. 


1.    Content and social are full funnel

All the way from brand building to marketing to reviews and recommendations.

  • Corporate communications for brand building: show and tell the world how you are, your mission and vision, and values as a brand and organization.
  • Sales for the ‘they ask, you answer.’ Use content and social to teach and solve problems your customers (might) have. Claim your leadership along the way.
  • Marketing, here’s the usual campaigning, performance, and activation content. The buy now, click here stuff.
  • Customer care for the obvious webcare. However, don’t forget about the reviews and recommendations by your customers. Those are golden – and can be used by the other departments.
  • Employer branding needs are much in line with corporate communications. Why should talent want to work for your brand? Not only to make a living, also in line with their personal purpose and what makes them tick. Especially in today's market.

If you keep content in marketing, by design, content will follow the marketing objective and calendar. You’ll wipe out the needs of the other departments. Or you leave some serious efficiency in budget and production on the table. Let alone the alignment in planning and building audiences for retargeting.


2.    Nobody wants to be marketed to

I don’t know anybody who watches ads for their pleasure. Ads on any channel are, by default, annoying, and we developed some blindness for them.

Content and social are not just ads. The magic is in entertainment, inspiration, and education. Not in marketing and campaigning. Make it matter by adding value to your audience, not by pushing your marketing message.

If you keep content and social in marketing, as already mentioned above, by default, it will follow the marketing objective and planning. That makes total sense, as it’s part of that department.


Rationale for why it's stuck in marketing

If content and social are more than marketing, why not give them their designated department? With marketing as one of the main stakeholders so they can have their say.

All sounds pretty logical, right?

Why isn’t this happening right now? I can only guess, and I do realize I am a bit blunt here, yet I do think I have point.  



Content and social are the sexy playground. Every CMO wants to keep this in their portfolio to shine and win awards. And honestly, totally biased; I can't blame them, as content and social are pretty great ;)


Unintentionally unaware

As content and social are relatively new, the more traditional corporate structures and silos didn’t adapt yet. A redesign for the organizational structure is needed to thrive on content and social, and that takes time and some more sense of urgency.

Unawareness: we’re making baby steps in this domain. More and more C-suite and board members are realizing that content and social are everything and everywhere. The organizational changes need to come from the top, so it’s up to us to feed them on their (lack of) awareness.

Unintentionally: you can’t blame anybody for unintentionality, especially if it’s unaware. All you can do is inform and educate them with insights, research, and data. And show them those sexy award-winning cases and best practices to inspire.

It becomes more dangerous and ego if it’s intentional and aware.


Final words

As a content and social evangelist and devi’s advocate, I am more than happy to help you to get this show on the road. There are so many great examples, cases, and inspirations that I don’t know where to start.

If you want to know some more details or that inspiration to feed your C-suite, don’t hesitate to drop me a DM or jump on a quick call.


Fleur Willemijn van Beinum

Take care you don't become intentionally aware – and don't  have the balls to change a thing

Fleur Willemijn van Beinum