Content is really simple

If you don't do a content audit, it's the marketing ego or the production agency speaking

We tend to overcomplicate. It may be in human nature to make things more complicated than they are. 

The two most heard complaints by my clients…


Not enough content

'We don't have enough content' is today's standard practice. And off we go producing more mediocre content to publish without media spend. 

This is a content strategist's worst nightmare. Because usually, the marketeers complain that the content isn't working and social is sh*t.

Listen, you don't have 'not enough content'; you forgot about all the great content you already have.


Too much content

One of my clients is complaining, 'we have too much content.' And out of some kind of defeat, they start over and produce some more new, crispy clean content. 

Honestly, they indeed have a lot. They have so much beautifully perfect on-brand content that many should be jealous.

Their problem is not having 'too much content'; their problem is that it's too scattered. And it's all hidden in the nooks and crannies of their www for corporate, employer branding, and marketing.


Why it matters

Content is really simple. 

  • If you think you don't have enough, audit your www
  • If you feel you have too much, audit your www

You don't need to produce more content. Good quality content is f*cking expensive. And getting this content seen by your audience is even more expensive. 

Please save your budget; first, check what you already have and how to reuse it. And second, shift the allocated production budget towards media buying to get reach.

You can reuse marketing content for employer branding. You can reuse corporate content for marketing. And you can reuse employer branding for corporate. And vice versa.

If you still think you need more content, tap into the content wealth at the customer care department. They know as nobody else what's going on in the hearts and minds of your customers.


How to do a content audit

That's also quite simple. You can go overboard and graduate on it.

You can also pull up the www analytics and check out the top 50 most visited pages. Use that knowledge. 

While you do so, could you also check the top 100 least visited pages? I'll bet many of these are former content marketing campaigns; delete them immediately. SEO will thank you. 


Some final words

Please keep it simple. Dare to look for what you already have.

You never have 'not enough content,' and you never have 'too much content.' Your problem is that you don't have the overview. Get the overview by doing an audit before you start producing new content. 

And honestly, if you don't do the content audit, it's the marketing ego or the production agency speaking. 


Fleur Willemijn van Beinum

Look for what you already have. If you don't do a content audit, it's the marketing ego or the production agency speaking.

Fleur Willemijn van Beinum