Create impact with content

Your brand matters, especially post Covid-19

Why should customers buy your products? How do you contribute to a better world, treat your employees, and suppliers? Why do you do what you do? Content is, next to brand building, also a great tool to build leadership and your pro-active PR ‘defense’ mechanism.


Accountability marketing spend

Content should always contribute to your business objectives. In the end, it is all about sales. Define KPIs and/or OKRs for reporting. Fill the top of the funnel and shorten the sales process with content.



If you do not have the budget for the 28 days or do you prefer to DIY, we can cherry-pick my experience and brains with tailored workshops. The most effective and efficient is a process of 

  • intake and interview to determine your objectives
  • strategy workshop: how to get where you want to be
  • implementation workshop: how to get there



The workshops start from € 7.500,00 (excl VAT). For international assignments the fee can vary depending on travel and expenses. 

The runtime of this series of workshops can be as short as two weeks, subject to your planning and availability. 

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