How to use ChatGPT to its full potential to create content

Understanding the bigger picture and dark aspects, makes you thrive

We all have been flirting and playing with it for a few months. The ChatGPT experts are popping up like weeds, and you stumble upon prompt after prompt advice. In the AI jungle is difficult to keep sight of the bigger picture because we’re getting so caught up in the details. 

Below is what I think you must know before using ChatGPT for your content and marketing sizzle.


Why it matters

It’s important to keep the bigger picture in mind to use ChatGPT as intended and to its full potential. 

Being aware of the downsides, limitations, and risks make you thrive in your work.

Three things to know 

  1. It's generative AI with probabilities; no new insights or strategies
  2. Why say ‘hi’ and ‘thank you’ to change your mindset; chat with ChatGPT
  3. Knowing the downfalls makes you stronger
  • How I use ChatGPT as my wingman


1. No new insights or strategies

ChatGPT is a generative AI. In short, it’s a language model with a chat-like interface that works based on probabilities. This means ChatGPT doesn’t give you genuinely new insights, strategies, or ideas. 
How generative AI works

The best part of generative AI is that it has no bias, judgments, or view of its own. ChatGPT can help you by giving rational arguments. Together you can sharpen your thinking, broaden your mind, and come up with a different approach.

It’s a great sparring partner; it’s still you who has the brains and has to guide ChatGPT to get the desired output.


2. It's about your mindset

As said, it’s you who’s in the driver's seat. Bossing around ChatGPT doesn’t get you anywhere. Chatting with ChatGPT is where the magic is created. Notice that it’s already in its name.

That’s why you should say ‘hi’, ‘thank you’, and ‘please’ to ChatGPT. It’s not that AI cares; it triggers your mindset on how your brain works and to get the most out of ChatGPT. Starting the conversation is for you, not for ChatGPT.


3. Downfalls

Understanding the dark aspects makes you thrive in your job. Know when to use it and when not.

A few of the downfalls and weak points are copyright, the confidentiality of your information entered in ChatGPT, data privacy concerns, and giving false information. 

We’ve seen what happens when your lawyer uses ChatGPT to prepare a court filing to sue an airline. It did not go well.


How I use ChatGPT my wingman

Below is how I use ChatGPT as a wingman and what works for me.

Currently, this is my most loved feature of ChatGPT. I ask for alternative words, synonyms, translations, or different ways of writing something. As a non-native English writer, I sometimes struggle with the right words or ways of saying things. Use simple prompts like ‘hi, what’s a different way of saying …’ or ‘what’s a synonym for…

ChatGPT is also great for inspiration if you’re stuck for words. Bluntly prompt what you want to know, followed by a ‘can you rewrite this in an informal tone of voice’. The output is the input for your writing.  

You can also use ChatGPT to assist you with editing and proofreading. Honestly, I prefer to do this myself. Being a seasoned writer, it’s quite an easy job, especially if I’ve already used ChatGPT to assist me in finding the right words and phrases. And please keep in mind, everything you upload to ChatGPT is used and shared by ChatGPT; there's no exclusivity or confidentiality


Highly recommended free AI course

To grasp how generative AI, and ChatGPT, work, I highly recommend following the free Learn how generative AI works course by Google Cloud Skill; a dummy-proof explanation of why and how ChatGPT does what it does. 

This made me really understand how ChatGPT works and how I can use it for my daily job. It made me change my course and usage from prompting to wingman.


How to recognize AI copy

Also quite nice to know, how to recognize ChatGPT written copy. And why you, as a thought leader, should write your own copy. 
How to recognize ChatGPT copy


Final words

All that having said, ChatGPT is fun. And nothing short of amazing. We all know that and experienced that. 

Those who rise to the top and excel are the ones who keep the bigger picture in mind, use ChatGPT as a copilot, and are aware of when not to use ChatGPT. 



Credits where credits are due. I'm inspired by ‘Beyond the hype on ChatGPT’ by WARC. That's my go-to source for insights, research, best practices, and cases. Yes, it's a paid subscription; for me, absolutely worth it. If you're a freebie, subscribe to their newsletter and podcast to get some content for free. 

Learn how generative AI works by Google Cloud Skill Boost. This is a dummy-proof explanation of why and how ChatGPT does what it does.  Also, this ‘What ChatGPT is doing and why does it work’ is a great read.