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During the past 20+ years working as a consultant in digital and content, I have seen time and again the frustrations with digital, content and social. The C-suite knows the importance and realizes that their dependence on Facebook and Google is not sustainable for the future. They realize you can use the ‘softer’ content to fill the top of the sales funnel. Why is making this change so difficult?

First, they don’t know ‘how to’ change. You don’t know what you don’t know. Shifting the strategy with a long term focus on content balancing between brand-building and brand performance is absolutely bespoke. There is no golden nugget. Every brand, organization and internal culture is different.

Second, unspoken, fear to change. Breaking with the traditional marketing culture is not easy. It takes balls to really make the change and shift the focus. Next to all this, it takes time before getting the benefits and sales revenue.

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My advice

Sometimes you have to look to the past to find the answer for the future. To excel in the digital content game, you sort of publish your own daily newspaper or weekly magazine. Brands become their own publisher.

Collecting great inspiring insights from the best, for many years. All combined in my book 'Think like a publisher'. To share the knowledge and to raise the content bar. From theory to operational excellence. Deepend by interviews with the most inspiring peers from top-class agencies and amazing brands. From the big, international and corporate to the start-ups and pro-athletes.


Digital publishing

Finding a publisher is damn difficult. Honestly, getting denied time over time again isn't that bad, feedback improved my writing and made the book to what it is today. Yet, what is content if it doesn't reach the audience. If the knowledge stays on my computer, nobody benefits. Hence, flipping the perspective and practicing what I preach, I decided to publish by myself, online, piece by piece. 

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Content in PDF

Some of the concepts in my book are new, some are familiar. Each is different in length, depth and amount of operational details to explain the concept. I publish piece by piece. You pick and read the ones that resonate and are relevant. By the end of each chapter, I upload the summary in PDF for your UX convenience. First expected in Spring 2020.

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Week by week I publish and release the individual paragraphs of my book. You can bounce from release to release by using the tags. Or check out the table of contents. Each paragraph has its own release, indexed by tags. At the end of each chapter, you can download the PDF. 

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