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How to nail employer branding content and get noticed

Very simple, have fun. Be proud of what you do and share this with the world. Noting more, nothing less. Don’t overcomplicate; no need to spend big on polished content assets.

Especially in the gasping employer branding market, dare to be different, dare to stand out. Dare to be real.

With some authentic, raw, little polished straight from the heart content, you gain engagement, and the reach will follow. 


Lo-Fi content

In fashionable marketing jargon: to get (organic) reach on employer branding content, go Lo-Fi. Lo-Fi stands for Low Fidelity; this is a music or production quality in which elements usually regarded as imperfections in the context of a recording or performance are present, sometimes as a deliberate choice (source: Wikipedia)

Double the win, not only no need to spend big on the production, also no need for big media spend as engaging content and reach quite love each other. And, as always, the dog nails it! 

With a former client, we even tested the likeability between the scruffy rescue and the breeder's dachshund.  Guess who won? Sidenote, that's not the visual below. 


dog in the office


Why it matters

We take ourselves a bit too seriously. By bringing back the personal touch, showing we love what we do, and we do what we love, we become irresistible. Nothing is as sticky as thriving people.


How to get started

There are a few simple requirements. Kim Beumer explains it in her post. Stolen with pride, translated and edited

  • Working on the branding of your brand is a daily task. Not a one-off once in a while when you have a job vacancy. Next to LI, use the channels where your audience is; if you’re looking for Millennials, Gen Z, and some Gen X, go IG or TT. Looking for a Boomer? Go FB ;)
  • Realtime. Use real-time content to show true daily life. Don’t polish.
  • Show the values of your company. If you say you’re ‘fun’, show the naughty office dog having fun with the employees. If you say you’re ‘human’, show humans. If you say you’re approachable with short lines, show the youngest employee or intern having lunch with the CEO.

Nice side effect: besides employer branding, your clients can also see how your office really is; this content cuts both ways.

So, get your iPhone and take some pictures. Often it is the smallest details and the stolen moments that make the most impact.


Kim Beumer post


Apps for content editing

These are my go-to apps to upgrade my photos from the ‘toddler’ level to the ‘I know what I’m doing’ level.  Upgrade your content skills and simplify your life. 


• B612 

For the best filters for selfies, best kept secret by amazing photographer

• Snapseed 

For photo editing, owned by Google. I use it for almost every single social post

• Stich It! Pro 

For gluing two screenshots together, I've been using this app for many years

• Canva Pro 

For some final tuning and tweaking. I prefer to work on the www and not in the app. The Pro version has just some more features and refining than the free-bee version. 

For a big brand, we created a short video using the brand assets and a personal shout-out for the amazing job vacancy. Resulting in a reach of over 7k. And most important, the dream candidate applying for the job and getting hired within a few weeks. 


photo apps


Final thoughts

‘Go big or go home’ is not applicable to all content. Yes, great content is very expensive. Yet, in addition to the professional stuff, balance it with some more authentic daily life stuff to really show who you are and why people should love to work with and for you.

Want to know more about strategy, content, social, and how to hit the ground running, don’t hesitate to drop me a DM or email. And shout out to Dmitri for notifying me of Kim's post. 


Fleur Willemijn van Beinum

Shhhhhht. Content actually is no rocket science

Fleur Willemijn van Beinum