Content and ChatGPT masterclass or workshop

Excellence in just one day

Looking for content excellence, want to know all about how to use ChatGPT for content, or get some answers to your strategic content questions? Book your bespoke content masterclasses or workshop with me. 


Content masterclass or workshop

The objective is to get you to the next step in content. Whether it's on the operational details and processes with how-to's, tips, and tricks, or it's about your content strategy.  You decide, and I deliver. 


ChatGPT masterclass or workshop

How to get started with using ChatGPT for your content creation and production? What are the tips and tricks? Smart prompts. 

But also the downside of using ChatGPT and AI. Think about data security, compliance, ethics, sourcing, etcetera. E.g., how to prevent your team from entering their minute notes in ChatGPT to get a summary? Why shouldn't they do that? Are they aware of the risks? 

And details on how to go from average to good to great using ChatGPT and AI. 



I would love to give you an outline, standard format, or standard estimate. I can't. Long story short, this is bespoke. It depends on your ask, the audience and the details. 

Drop me a mail, and we can have a quick chat to give you a ballpark. 


Below you find my process to get an estimate and agenda for a content masterclass or workshop.

The process for content masterclass or workshop

  • An informal chat about your content issues and the objective of the masterclass or workshop
  • Get an overview of the participants and their needs and expectations
  • You get the estimate. This is a breakdown of the time I need to do the research if needed, create the agenda and the deck, twice a review with you, the masterclass or workshop itself, create a handout, and the followup
  • After the approval, we get to work :)


 Contact me

Always happy to have a coffee and chat about content. Maybe I can help you. Otherwise, I can share my network with you and direct you to other freelancers or agencies.