Content masterclass or workshop

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Book your bespoke content masterclasses or workshop with Fleur Willemijn. 

I would love to give you an outline, standard format, or standard estimate. I can't. Long story short, this is bespoke. Below you find my process to get an estimate and agenda for a content masterclass or workshop.


The process for content masterclass or workshop

  • Informal chat about your content issues and the objective of the masterclass or workshop
  • Get an overview of the participants and their needs and expectations
  • You get the estimate. This is a breakdown of the time I need to do the research if needed, create the agenda and the deck, twice a review with you, the masterclass or workshop itself, create a handout, and the followup
  • After the approval, we get to work :)


 Contact me

Always happy to have a coffee and chat about content. Maybe I can help you. Otherwise, I can share my network with you and direct you to other freelancers or agencies.