Eat the frog alive

Unlock, get things done and move the needle

Easily said and honestly easily done in 5 steps. In these corona days, I find it rather difficult to get myself together and actually do anything. All my assignments canceled or postponed, the perfect time to get to work on my book. So you would think... 

By lack of a structure to my day, I am lost. Lost in time, lost in energy, lost in myself. Feeling locked and stuck. Yet, there is an easy fix. 'Eat a live frog every morning, and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day' (Mark Twain). 5 Steps:

  1. Get your mental to-do list and pick the thing you dread and procrastinate the most
  2. Sit down, open your laptop, or do whatever is required 
  3. Start slow, grind through the work with resilience, and with an espresso
  4. Complete the work
  5. Feel great AF!

Rinse and repeat tomorrow. 

Been there, done that. It works. I hope this is your kick-in-the-ass to get through these bizarre crazy days in which we all are thrown back into reality. Re-appreciating the smaller things in life and hopefully, we all be a bit more kind to each other and the small entrepreneurs. 

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