'Data feeds creativity' by MediaMonks

What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger

Sicco Wegerif
One of the worst recommendations ever heard: ‘Data kills Creativity’
Sicco Wegerif

Sicco Wegerif, Managing Director Europe at MediaMonks, the content practice of S4, explains ‘when data is built into the creative process early on, you can build much more personalized content. Therefore, we are firm supporters and believers of data-driven-creative.’ 


Data supports creativity

Quite an open door, yet MediaMonks brings this into practice with two hands-on tips on how to get there. They speak from almost 20 yrs experience, working for top class brands and recognized by some impressive 131 Cannes Lions and 250+ FWA awards. You better take their advice and listen to them. 


First: Trust your agency

'If there is no trust, there is no relationship, and that magic will never happen.' As a brand provide your agency with your internal confidential data and those insights. There are used in your benefit. And this facilitates your agency to produce content that is way more relevant, to the point, and contributes to your business objectives. Win-win. 

Sicco explains 'this (strategic) data does in NO way hamper creativity. It is used to create a dynamic framework where flexibility and creativity are fed by data to create “bespoke” expressions -- the content assets.’ ‘This is where (content)marketing and business meet the interests of consumers.’


Second: Continue to use data

'Use this data-driven-way-of-working not only for the strategy but also for your content production. To be effective and efficient, it is important to adopt a performance-driven approach that recognizes the context in which users interact with the brand. With the note that 'it’s vital that the (content)message is designed from the ground up, to best fit its (distribution) platform.'

This performance and best-fit are measured in KPIs and real-time data. This data continuously feeds the dynamic framework to improve content assets. 'Be cheaper, faster, and better by using data to strengthen your content.' 


Not affiliated

Small side note for transparency. I am not affiliated with MediaMonks, I just like the agency. In my humble opinion, they are one of the best agencies out there. I have been working with them since 2008.  Back in those days, they saved my ass by going 24/7 to launch the website for my client within a few days. And in 2020, my clients and I are still going strong with them. Sure they got their flaws like any other agency, yet when they say they deliver, they deliver. 

MediaMonks, the content practice of S4


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