To blog or not to blog

It is all about being distinctive and adding new value

‘They told us ‘not to blog’, because ‘it is an absolute waste of time and energy’, ‘what is your opinion on blogging and why do you do it yourself’? A smart question by a student during my college on ‘Storytelling and Content’ at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.


Stand out with your blog

If you want to blog, you have to have an outspoken opinion and vision on the subject. Be distinctive. Add value by giving knowledge and insights that are not out there (yet). Quality over quantity. Spend the effort to create the content. Do not talk about yourself. And for sure do not try to sell something.

Blogging is providing information that teaches your audience something new. And is best done in a sequence to create impact. Give your audience a reason to return for more.

If you cannot fulfill all of these requirements, it indeed is a waste of your time and energy.


Blog or vlog

Everybody is all about video. Yet... N=1, based on my own preferences, I prefer written blogs over video vlogs. Maybe I am too lazy. Maybe I am too impatient. Maybe I 'consume' content better in writing. I don't know. I do know I like to select my own pace to get the insights. In a text, you can scan and cherry-pick. In a video, you need to align with the pace of the producer. Next to that, it is pretty damn difficult to produce an engaging video that is beyond the 'talking head'. Not even to mention the challenge to have a clear qualitative and pleasant sound that is 'easy on the ear'. And what about those subtitles? 

Keep in mind where and how your audience likes to consume content. Be rigorous and honest about the quality of your vlog. If you have the slightest doubt, probably, so does your audience. 

Last not least, for SEO you need those written words as the Google spider cannot access a video. Hence, if your preference is a vlog, do not forget to write down the essence if a few sentences to be found via Google. 


Why I blog

Why I run this sort of blog on thinklikeapublisher.com? Easy. I want to share that great knowledge and those amazing insights into the content industry. In one place. Only the best from the best. I decided to give them my stage. Instead of me reinventing the wheel, becoming vanilla, and battling for attention in the overcrowded content world. By collecting and sharing the knowledge from others, I claim my leadership that I know what is trending and what is next.


Fleur Willemijn van Beinum
Give your audience a reason to return for more
Fleur Willemijn van Beinum