We hate ads

Yet we don't hate all ads

Let’s be honest, we all hate ads. If we get the chance, we skip, decline, take a break and try to ignore it.

Overcrowded, jammed and packed social timelines and inboxes with sales focused try-me buy-me messages. Google search is not much different. Blindness for the upper part with the ads, knowing by own experience these ads seldom provide the answer to my search.

Still missing that focus on the customer needs. Still missing out on the relevance. And that in these days of data abundance. We should be ashamed of ourselves as marketers.

Advertisers and agencies are hellbent on the idea that creating better advertising will make people hate ads less. But in recent years, with ad blockers and Netflix and paying for Hulu or Spotify without ads, people have become accustomed to the idea that there can be a world without advertising — that they can get their entertainment without the interruption. If the ability to opt-out of advertising is available, people are going to take that option. It’s a better experience — and not one that better ads — Cannes Lions creative or not — is going to solve. https://digiday.com/marketing/rundown-weve-always-hated-advertising/?DM2=764622


Dick Buschman, Partner at ACHTUNG! Amsterdam
People hate BAD ads, people do not hate advertising in general
Dick Buschman, Partner at ACHTUNG! Amsterdam

Yet we don’t hate all ads

‘That isn’t true’ Dick Buschman, Partner at ACHTUNG! Amsterdam corrected me during the interview. ‘People actually love advertising’. ‘It is in human nature to love stories’ he continues, ‘people are hungry for stories to tell and to share. For inspiration and a laugh.’ ‘Stories that touch their hearts and soul. Stories that make them smile or even drop a tear or two.’

He explains ’advertising is the truth well told [McCann]’, ‘with the cultural and local relevance that creates Magic and sparks Joy.’

The stories Dick mentions ‘are the stories that are coming from within’, ‘your true history and your heritage of the brand and products.’ It is about ‘a long term vision with the same (core) story told for many many years.’ ‘Stories that bring your mission to life and explain why you do what you do.’ ‘Stories that show your vision and underline your values.’ He continues ‘and only if you have that (long term) in place, then think about the (short term) commercial advertising for activation and sales.’

‘Therefore, if you create advertising based on your authentic story, people actually do not hate it.’ Dick adds ‘actually, one of the reasons people follow brands on Instagram, is to be inspired by their stories.’

A few examples of brands that create such advertising: Volkswagen, Patagonia, Google, and SuitSupply. ‘They own their story. And that story directs the content. Not vice versa.’

Dick Buschman: ‘People hate BAD ads, people do not hate advertising in general.’



'Does your brand follow your business, or does your business follow your brand? ‘All marketers should ask themselves this question’ according to Dick Buschman, Partner at ACHTUNG! Amsterdam. ‘The mandatory requirement is that brands truly own their brand story and make this leading for all their content’. ‘It is about consistency and recognizabi...


Let’s be honest, we all hate ads. If we get the chance, we skip, decline, take a break and try to ignore it. 'Yet we don’t hate all ads' Dick Buschman explains.