Cross-silo content

Your customer doesn't differentiate, why should you?

Content (marketing) is a funny discipline. It’s been a major movement for the past years, yet, some companies are just starting to take it seriously. And once they do, marketing leaders panic. They turn to the closest living creature and scream, 'We need to do content! Now! Someone start typing!' https://contently.com/strategist/2017/10/25/write-blog-posts-without-strategy/

More than marketing

Content is more than marketing. Content is a combination of all (digital) communication efforts to create effective and efficient storytelling to capture the hearts and minds of the customers. Content is to show and tell who you are as a brand, why you do what you do, what excites you and makes you ticks. It's a bit like tutti frutti, pick and mix and make the best combinations. 

The Wikipedia definition of 'content marketing' has two major elements, ignored by most brands:

  1. It builds trust and does not involve direct sales
  2. The main focus is the need of the audience


Department agnostic

Content is department agnostic. Meaning, the customer does not differentiate between content from Marketing, Sales, Corporate Communications, Public Relations, or even Human Resources for talent recruitment and last not least Customer Care. That is why you need to include all these departments in the content strategy, planning, and production. Depending on your industry, your size, and scale, your maturity, add or drop departments accordingly.


How to make cross-silo content

Stay tuned, the articles on how to do this are soon to be released. 

  • Organizational configuration with a central content team directly reporting to the CEO
  • Work with an Editor in Chief and dedicated team of producers and an analyst
  • Centralize planning with a strategic Editorial Board and operational Editorial Calendar
  • Include the departments, or silos, as stakeholders in the Content Board
  • Departments are and stay the owner of the content
  • Mutual responsibility for fetching and delivering content ideation


Joe Pulizzi
Advertising is not dead, but content (marketing) is the driver that leading companies now use to capture the hearts and minds of their customers
Joe Pulizzi