Deinfluencing: it's hot

The underlying cause is even more interesting

Deinfluencing is the newest social trend. Normal human beings tell us why not to buy a product, a product they bought, thanks to influencers. It all started in the beauty and lifestyle category and is moving to other areas and heavily marketed products.  

Typical products: very popular, overhyped, ‘recommended’ by influencers, and overpriced. Social marketing at its best (ahem). Honestly, sometimes, we marketers should be ashamed of ourselves.

Keep in mind, maybe is not this particular trend; it's about the underlying cause: capitalism, consumerism, the more more more mindset that spikes over the last few years. 

For now, the #deinfluencing had more than 233M views on TikTok (March 2, see the sources)


WYSIWYG content 2023

And this fits totally in today's zeitgeist with a call for transparency and being real.  Everyone and everything less polished, less filtered, and more authentic. Less bullsh*t, more WYSIWYG.


Why it matters

Maybe I’m the very early bird and see things that are not there yet. Or maybe it’s more a wish or a dream I want to come true. 

Are consumers stepping out and speaking out on the mean marketing machines that entice us to buy things we don’t need?

Are they starting to call out brands that produce overpriced and overhyped products just to get our money? Some kind of countermovement to the influencer industry. I really hope so.

Check it out yourself in the videos below. 


Next steps

For the moment, just keep an eye on this. Be aware that this is going on and deinfluencing could become ‘a thing’. 

Let's hope so.


@alyssastephanie I love deinfluencing ️ #deinfluencing #deinfluencergang #cultproduct ♬ original sound - Alyssa
@christina.mychas Things i stopped buying when I decided to change my life - I used to be a shopaholic impulse buyer to my core. When I stopped buying these things, changed my money habits, and increased my income - I changed my financial future and my life. Who knew? #deinfluencing #shopaholic #impulsebuyer #buyersremorsemuch ♬ original sound - Christina
Fleur Willemijn van Beinum

Let's hope this balances out the influencer craziness

Fleur Willemijn van Beinum