Four elements of how to think like a publisher

Simple steps to solve your content pain

For the brand-building long term content, brands need to, sort of, publish their own online magazine. Pretty old school, yet it works. A publishers’ license to operate and the sole objective is to create content wanted by their audience. With an Editor in Chief who has the final say in what content gets published and whatnot. 'Thinking like a publisher' is publishing content that works based on adding value for their readers. Those readers who are your, potential, customers and buy your products. 

Four main elements, once the corresponding content is online, I add the link

1. First, build some solid basics and fundaments with a firm strategy and identity

2. Second, create a content structure based on data and using tags, themes or topics

3. Third, set up a central and agile content team

4. Forth, get your tools and processes in place