Help wanted!

Please join and share your insights

Call out to all content strategists, social experts, and friends.

Help wanted! May I pick your brain? Lots of us are struggling with the organizational setup. The 'howto' with the team, the roles, the responsibilities, and managing expectations. Having central ownership with the mandate to secure quality in production and distribution.

I am doing research amongst the most amazing top-notch brands and agencies. Humble and hungry, I am looking for more and more input. Could I kindly ask you to share your knowledge, experiences, and pitfalls?

Only the participants receive all detailed insights. An edited version for external publication, something with confidentiality. As this is a research on the personal title, by participants and by me. 

Client-side insights and agency input is very welcome.


Content organizational setup topics

A few of my questions and food for thought:

  • In which silo is your content and or social department? Marketing or comms, global or local, central or decentral, own or allocated budget, etcetera. 
  • Where in the hierarchy is your department? Directly reporting to the board of somewhere down in the line? 
  • How is the setup of the content and or social team? Names and numbers. 
  • What are the roles and responsibilities of your content team? And how to claim, maintain and manage these? Being a pirate, devil's advocate, or an implementing entity without a mandate? 
  • How to manage those ‘disobedient’ co-workers? Call out those who produce and publish content at a varying level of quality.
  • How to enable the continuous education of the team in our fast-paced content and social industry? You never have enough time. And keeping track and staying up to speed in our industry is a very different ball game than for marketeers or comms people. 
  • Your tips and tricks for team management. My so-called “Coffee & Content” sessions. This is a check-in with your team for personal and professional happiness.


Share your insights

Wanna join and share your insights? Please email me at fleurwillemijnvanbeinum@gmail.com.

The interview is informal, takes about 1h via video call.


Fleur Willemijn van Beinum
Share the knowledge. All detailed insights, names, and numbers for the participants. For external publication, an edited version due to compliance and NDA. So.... if you want to know all, please join us ;)
Fleur Willemijn van Beinum

A little disclaimer

This research is on a personal title. It is not related to my current assignment. Nor is there a commercial perspective. The output is not sold to any company. I am doing this to collect and share knowledge to help each other on topics we all are struggling with. If I do write a public content item, the participants review the piece before publication. And they can decide to have their insights published anonymously.

Photo credits: Jametlene Reskp on Unsplash