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Yes, I wrote all content

In all honesty, I was quite blown away when people told me they didn't realize I wrote all the content on this website. Me, myself, and I collecting insights, evaluating cases, doing interviews, and writing down these lessons learned. All in an 'as short as possible, as long as needed' entertaining social-first mobile-optimized format. Easy to read, simple to digest, and at the same time sharing the priceless valuable knowledge. 

Stupid me. And the worst me-marketer ever. I am just not the type to boast about what I do. 



Why I spend all those hours, energy, and effort? Good question, easy answer.

I thrive to inspire others to raise their content bar. Excuse my language... Our world is full of shitty crappy subpar bullshit stupid content divided in silos and that simply doesn't do the job. Except for wasting energy and money for production plus distribution. And does do the excellent job of annoying you and me. The worst thing is, this mountain of content crap grows every day. 

Next to that, I love to write and play the content game with the words and the visuals. You cannot claim to be an expert, or even thought leader when you do not practice what you preach. As we say in Dutch 'get your hands dirty to know what you talk about'. In other words, to be credible you need to know how to play the game from the very beginning and keep on participating in the game on a daily basis due to the fast-paced changes in our industry. You cannot be a content strategist or director if you don't produce content yourself. 


Share the content and knowledge

One wise man told me 'four eyes see more than two' (source: daddy). And he is right. Together we know more. Let's share our own personal lessons learned to prevent others from stepping into the same pitfalls. Let's share the insights to help others hit the ground running. Let's share our tips and tricks to inspire others to do better. 

Afraid of those 'others' to take disgracefully advantage of your knowledge? The evil copycats without giving credits where credits are due. Don't be. Probably they do not make the effort to read this and apply it. And if they do, 'what comes around, goes around'. They will be debunked at the very first instance once they need to dig deeper. 


Think like a publisher - the book and this website

Collecting great inspiring insights from the best, for many years. All combined in my book 'Think like a publisher'. To share the knowledge and to raise the content bar. From theory to operational excellence.

Deepened by interviews with the most inspiring peers from top-class agencies and amazing brands. From the big, international, and corporate to the start-ups and pro-athletes.

As finding a publisher is damn difficult, I flipped the perspective, and practicing what I preach: to publish by myself, online, piece by piece. Honestly, getting denied time over time again isn't that bad, feedback improved my writing and made the book to what it is today.


You can help

Do you have tips for books, blogs, peers to follow? Please let me know. 
Do you have a great insight or lesson learned you love to share? Please, reach out and we do an interview. 
Do you have something else to share? Please... go ahead and contact me. 

See my contact details below. 


Fleur Willemijn van Beinum
I am the worst me-marketer ever
Fleur Willemijn van Beinum


Me-marketing for content strategy

If you want to hit the ground running with content strategy or do data research, don't hesitate to get in touch. With over 20 years of experience and helping great inspiring international clients, happy to share my knowledge and experiences.