Start-up to scale-up

My advice is to 'just do it'

Fleur Willemijn van Beinum
Learn and improve by doing, with a ‘fail fast adapt faster’ mentality
Fleur Willemijn van Beinum

From strategy and plans into execution is a big step. Setting up the basics and fundamentals is a lot of work and takes time and effort.

It is a challenge. Where to start, what do you need first, how to get the budget, what talent needs to be recruited, the stakeholder management, selecting and briefing the agencies, get the reporting? Let’s be honest, going into the content business is hard. … Planning paralysis …


Just do it

There is no 'Try or Try Not'. There is no middle of the road. Go for it, or don't. The choice is yours. Just don't do it half.

My advice, ‘just do it’ and start small. Be brave, make a plan for the first 3 months. Scale-up slowly. Steal with pride on what works. Learn and improve by doing, with a ‘fail fast adapt faster’ mentality.

Iterative is the way forward and it will never be perfect from the beginning. It is about the progression, not perfection. 'Perfection is the enemy of progress'.

Greatly inspired by the book The Science of Breaking Out of Your Comfort Zone: How to Live Fearlessly, Seize Opportunity, and Make Each Day Memorable by Peter Hollins

Image credits: https://www.instagram.com/benbergeron/ and BenBergeron.com