Quiet luxury and content

What fashion and content have in common: our society

Quiet luxury is the trend of the moment. It’s described as “logo-free fashion with outsized price tags.” 

Think of it as the opposite of loud logo-mania. Instead, quiet luxury is more toned-down and minimalist, highlighting understated pieces in high-quality fabrics and tailored cuts. (Elle Canada

Fashion trends are a response to what’s happening in society. And often, what's trending in fashion will drift over to other domains. Will ‘quiet luxury' be contagious to content? 

Or is that my wishful thinking?


Why it matters

Content gets louder and louder, logos are getting bigger, and copy gets shorter, all annoyingly urging attention-seeking hunting for eyeballs. Speeding up. Even the music gets fast, and the lyrics get short compared to a decade ago. In the quest for reach, nothing is too much or too strange – stretching the limits. 

Too loud causes deafness and makes it unheard. 

Too visual makes it unseen. 

For content, it’s not always faster, better, stronger. 

Sometimes less is more. Toned-down, authentic, and minimalistic qualitative content with a focus on the message does a better job.


To know

Honestly, I’m not sure about how this rising ‘quiet luxury’ trend applies to our daily content jobs.

All I want is to inspire you that you don’t always need to be louder and shinier to stand out. Now is the time to stand out with a more serene, noiseless, and calm content. Just like quiet luxury

Quality over quantity.


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Completely in line with this quiet luxury is the trend of slowing down. Slow food. Slow coffee. Slow fashion. Combined with the importance of mental well-being, in-person meetings and offline time.  

AI speeds us up, so we can slow down

Are we finally heading into a new era after all the craziness? Let's hope so. 


Fleur Willemijn van Beinum

Me and my wishful thinking that ‘quiet luxury’ is the beginning of a new and better content era. Quality over quantity.

Fleur Willemijn van Beinum



Credits were credit due; I stumbled upon the term ‘quiet luxury in WARC's ‘Brands turn to in-store experiences to retain customers’. 

Check out their feed to lurk on the headers, subscribe to their free newsletter or listen to their podcast, also for free. I'm not affiliated; just a big fan of their research and insights.