Why your (content) job never gets replaced by AI

It's not what you think it is

In the p.s. of the inspiring weekly 3-2-1 email by James Clear, I stumbled upon the line ‘How to make sure your job never gets replaced by AI…Immediately, I clicked on it. What we can learn from this is easy. 

It's not what you think it is.

What matters for us content people in this crazy AI and ChatGPT-invested world:

  1. Clickbait still works
  2. Human connection outpowers AI
  3. Content is more than copy

Let's keep it short and sweet why you can't be replaced by AI (yet). 


1. Clickbait

Curiosity feeds the mind. And clickbait uses this in an optimal format to get engagement and drive traffic. We, humans, are curious and are easily triggered to know more. If you write some catchy words in a caption, we're tempted to click to find out more. 

Is AI capable of creating these captions? As the best captions are a play between humor, irony, and sarcasm and often refer to something that happens at that moment.  And it's tailored to its context; a caption on IG is totally different than on LI or in an email. 

I severely doubt if AI is that advanced, smart, or witty (yet).



2. Human connection

Another thing AI can't do is connect. We, humans, want to connect to humans. 

As we all know, you connect with your coworkers at the coffee machine. You get the most valuable insights during that informal chitchat just before or after a meeting. And you'll get the favors at the golf course. 

AI is business. It's unbiased and neutral. Yes, it can copy your tone of voice, and it can feel like a connection. Yet it's not. It's an NLP reaction to your prompt. Nothing more, nothing less. Action - reaction. 

As mentioned in the tweet, AI cannot go golfing (yet). 


3. Content is more than copy

Besides, content is the love between words and visuals. The magic is in the combination, one can't do without the other. 

And that's also something AI cannot do (yet). Maybe if ChatGPT hooks up with DALL•E, something amazing can happen. However, we're not there yet. 


AI can't replace your content job

Short story short. AI isn't that advanced yet to write great copy tailored to the brand and context. And using humor and irony to be engaging. 

Next, AI is not able to connect. And in this connection is the magic that created great copy. You get the best input during the informal moments. 

Third, copy AI and visual AI are still separate entities. Content is the combination of both. 

So for me, working in the content industry, I am not afraid that AI will replace my job. Yes, it's an amazing tool to create some of the more boring descriptive copy and the standardized copy – however that's not the copy that makes me tick. And above all, I thrive on the play between visuals and words to show and tell a great story. 

Nevertheless, I am excited about the future and what AI can bring us – and hopefully improve the content game. 


Fleur Willemijn van Beinum

Content is the play between words and visuals. And that's also something AI cannot do (yet)

Fleur Willemijn van Beinum