Brand persona for better content

The quickest way to become consistent and shorter time to market

‘Brand persona’ sounds a bit sketchy, doesn’t it? Yet this pops up frequently. I already wrote about the brand persona in my book, and now it looks like more brands are picking this up.

I’ll shortly explain why it matters and what it is. And I’ve stolen a great example from Ironclad Pan to make it tangible.


Why it matters

One of the most important things in content is consistency. If you’re consistent, your audience recognizes you in their timeline jungle.

Not even to mention that consistency build trust and lets the customer connect to the brand.

You become consistent by doing the same thing over and over again: in words and visuals.


What is a brand persona?

If you imagine your brand were a person, it’s easier to put yourself in your brand's shoes and produce content accordingly. That personification of your brand is your brand persona.

The brand persona is the counterpart of the buyer persona. And we marketers all know what a buyer persona is. Turn that around and develop the equivalent for your brand.


Benefits of having a brand persona

For now, I’ll keep this overview rather short – as I can go on and on about all the advantages for the brand, the audience, and the webcare team.

For you, the most important to know is that by taking the brand identity to the operational personal level, you enhance

  • Consistency
  • Recognizability
  • Production efficiency
  • Shorter time to market


1 & 2. Consistency and recognizability

These speak for themselves. Being consistent results in becoming recognizable. And that’s the marketeer's wet dream, what they all strive for.


3. Production efficiency

If you have a brand persona, you have a very operational set of guidelines to produce your content. Not a corporate blah blah tone of voice PFD document, but a tangible imaginary person with a human way of saying things, what words to use, and how to look.

Having all that in place speeds up the production process. All you need to do is to think, ‘what if I were that person…’


4. Shorter time to market

Those operational guidelines also speed up the time to market, not only in the production processes, as mentioned above but also in the approval processes. Knowing who you are and how you speak leaves no margin for personal taste or preferences when you need to approve copy or visuals.




Best in class example, Ironclad Pan

The brand persona of Ironclad Pan is a funky, young grandma. This gives them a clear, simple, human, applicable guideline to produce outstanding, engaging, and recognizable content. 

Read more on the Ironclad Pan brand, its story, purpose, and values.


Their purpose

‘To help people make better cookware choices. We are inspired by generations past, the beauty of traditional craft, and by making products that will last.


And values

‘We try to make every decision based on three pillars - Sustainability, Quality, and Family.’


Brand persona ‘funky, young grandma’

As said, the brand persona is the personification of your brand; it makes the brand and its tone of voice very tangible and operational for content and social. 

What if Ironclad Pan were a person…?

‘If our brand were a person, they would be a funky young grandmother who loves to cook and is environmentally aware.' 

‘She loves organic, seasonal food that is either experimental or entrenched in memory and family rituals.’

‘She cooks healthy and delicious food that feeds the soul and the wider family.’ 

‘She recycles and composts. She buys quality goods.’ 

‘She’s ahead of the latest trends, always up with what is happening in the world.’ 

'She is warm, chatty, nurturing, outgoing and strong.’


How she comes to life in content and social

Just check out their Instagram and .com, including all recipes. I don’t know how to describe it; it breathes love, passion, and craftsmanship.

Eye candy, mouthwatering visuals, and superb copy. As if it’s all homemade with so much care by a funky, young grandma.






Final words

Well, needless to say, I’m a big fan of having a brand persona. It makes the corporate blah blah very operational for the content producers. And the biggest benefit, next to efficiency and shorter time to market, is consistency and recognizability.

And for Ironclad Pan, keep your eye on them! It is the people behind the brand that make me love them. Not because I’m a foodie, because I love something authentic, passionate, breathing, and people who are eager to share what makes them tick.



Ironclad Pan
And give them a follow on social; it's worth it. Over 22k people agree with me. 

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