Can you replace your adored content team with AI now?

3 Things to know with AI-generated content on steroids

Should and could you replace your content team with AI? AI equals content on steroids. You can produce faster and more content.

That said, the biggest pitfall is to go with the AI flow and produce more of the same (mediocre) content. And that’s not going to move any needle.

And when you push all that new content to the already saturated content market, what happens is that something available in abundance loses its value. For the next years, producing more content is not the way forward to get your message out there.


1. Reframe AI use: from quantity to quality improvements

Let’s put AI in a different daylight, not for more, but for better. Don’t use AI as an excuse to cut costs in your content team. Or cutting corners to get much more content with the same team. It’s a unique opportunity to improve the quality of your content. And this higher quality is going to be the differentiator. Not only directly for your customer but also to feed AI tools, to get seen by SGE (Google generative AI-powered search), and for the algorithms.

 We’re far away from replacing content creators and copywriters with AI.


2. Keep quality and human touch

This still can’t be done by AI, and let’s hope it never will. There is something magical about human connection. In some kind of way, I ‘feel’ it in the copy when there's some strategic thinking with an eye for detail. You'll notice the passion and craftsmanship. 


Think first, prompt to write second
Your expertise and craftsmanship give context and meaning. You have to think before you write. Think about the insights and what’s new, all reasoned from a  ‘what’s in it for me’ for your customer, not you. The details of your message should have a well-thought-through process on how you solve your customers’ problems with your product.


Make the AI output your own
In the last step, you make the AI output your own. Not only to validate, also to personalize. No matter your prompts, the AI-generated content still has a whiff of, well, AI.

Make it more personal with a first-person point of view. Finetune and tweak. Adjust the words and the flow. Delete the buzz and jargon. Play with the length of the sentences.

These are the writing details that make AI-generated copy feel like your own.


Layout and formatting strategy
The very last step is to do the formatting and layout to make a piece of copy look sexy. And sex still sells. The smaller the screen, the more important.

Make your content scannable and skippable. You do this by manually cutting the copy into smaller paragraphs with short lines. Add subheaders. Have a maximum of three font styles. And most importantly, play with whitespace. To group things together and make your content look airy and accessible.


3. AI tools, Google, and other search request high-quality content

Realize that we're heading into a new era. Things change and fast. The common denominator is that all requests for high-quality content that tapps into customers' need, it easy to read with new insights of information. 

  • SEO: from keyword matching to intent and context
  • Bing is back in the game and has risen from its ashes
  • Social is added to the search behavior


Wrapping it all up

Should and could you replace your content team with AI? The firm answer is ‘no’. You need the human touch to improve the quality of your content. You need higher quality because the market will be overflooded with mediocre content produced by AI.

Keep quality and human touch 

  1. Think first, prompt to write second: insights and context
  2. Make the AI output your own: personalize
  3. Layout and formatting: make it look sexy


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