'Long term effectiveness with content' by DDB

Get your bigger picture in place and forget about short term shiny nice-to-have one-offs

Kees van Dorp Director Precision Marketing at DDB Unlimited is pretty clear in his statement. ‘The media landscape is changing and brands need to produce content to build their brand. As a brand, you cannot afford not to do it. Consumers consume content for inspiration, entertainment and or education.’ 

'Focus on the long term to produce effective content'. ‘Look at the long term in line with who you are and the domains you want to claim. Stop with those short term shiny nice to have one-off ad hoc campaigns without having the bigger picture. These do not contribute to your long term goals and business objectives.’


Frustration: lack of insights

‘One of his biggest frustrations is the lack of real insights provided by the brand. They should help the agency to really understand their business challenges. Define and describe the problems and issues the brand is facing. Do research on social circumstances and conditions. Discover the trends in the industry. And clearly state your business objectives’.

He continues ‘if a brand can define their problem and doesn’t just provide their solution in the brief, the better the creative agency can do their job and help them to solve it. A problem well defined is a problem half solved’.


Long term content advice

Kees suggests ‘to have the creative agency work on the long term big idea to guard the consistency between campaigns. This improves both the effectiveness of individual campaigns and the long term results.’

He adds 'to get your content execution power in-house. Build an agile and nimble team for fast production and very short timings to publish. Or if that’s not an option, find a dedicated partner for the long term which acts like an in-house team that fully embraces and understands your brand.’

Read more on how to set up your (in-house) Content Team.

Source DDB Unlimited


Kees van Dorp Director Precision Marketing at DDB Unlimited
Focus on the long term to produce effective content
Kees van Dorp Director Precision Marketing at DDB Unlimited

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