Maximizing your content: turn 1 piece into 42+ assets and repeat what works

AI-powered, more value for money, and your message will stick better

Do you think you always need new content? Then, this is for you. Have you considered creating multiple variations with reusable assets from just one piece? You can create 42 or more assets from just one piece. 

And if you have some patience, you can multiply that even more.


AI-powered, you do the thinking
And the good news is that you can keep your authenticity and personality in all your content assets if you do your setup correctly and use AI to power up your content instead of generating it. 

This only works if your content stays of high quality, and that comes down to you, who does the strategic thinking. 


The 3 benefits

  • This all results not only in getting more value for your content budget; 
  • you can speed up by using templates to save your team’s precious time as well.
  • Lastly, the side effect is that your message will stick better; after all, you always need to repeat your message 5 to 7 times before it lands, just like those annoying repetitive TV ads.


Let me reveal the trick.


The magic behind multiplying content

It’s quite easy, these are the steps

  1. First, you create one piece of content for .com
  2. Then, you pivot that into multiple variations,
  3. and per variation, you create multiple assets for your distribution on social and email marketing,
  4.  that you post asynchronously over time,
  5. and you use data to repeat what works.


In my case, that’s 1 x .com with 6 x distribution x 3 variations, and all of this, you repeat at least 1 time = 42

Let’s dive into the details.


1. The non-negotiable basics for the foundational first piece

First of all, your content must be truly audience-focused. Your content is not about you or your features and benefits; it’s about your audiences’ problem, and how your product is going to solve that.

High-quality content with a simple yet solid structure. In line with the above, I always use the ‘problem-solution-benefit’ structure combined with ‘what to know,’ ‘why it matters,’ and ‘what to do.’

Once you have these six elements thought through and written down, it becomes very easy to create multiple variations.


audience perspective of content


2. Create multiple variations to amplify reach

It’s perfectly fine to create multiple variations of one content piece. By adjusting titles, reshuffling, and playing with the structure and order of the paragraphs, you can create at least 3 variations from just 1 content piece. 

I have 1 + 2 pages on free AI courses. All three have the same content blocks, and in every variation, I have a slightly different angle.



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More details on multiplying and the 7 must-know tips and essentials for repeating your content effectively.


3. Create engaging content assets fast and easy in 15 minutes

Once you have all your variations, it's time to create your social assets plus email marketing.

For the caption, I go with the flow. Usually, I grab a provoking line from my content; you want to spark conversation and engagement – not just giving a recap or repeating the title. 

The visuals are a derivation from the header visual and thumbnail I already created for my .com. By working smarter with templates in Canva Pro, creating all these visuals and animations takes me about 15 minutes maximum.


clear sans thin


4. Posting asynchronously for even more reach

My best tip for more reach is to never fire on all cylinders or come out all guns blazing. You can get significantly more reach with the same content by posting asynchronously

There’s a big chance your audience scrolls through Instagram story and feed in one session, checks LinkedIn, and opens their email on the same day. Don't count on the ‘maybe they don’t see it, so I post on every channel.' If they don't see it on their Instagram story, they probably don't see it on the feed as well. If they do, you'll become annoying. 

If you spread all of your posts over a few days, weeks, or even months, there is a bigger chance you’ll reach a broader audience, and they may even see it twice – repeating your content makes it stick. 

You can use tools like Notion it’s very easy to keep track of your planning and postings.


5. Use data to repeat your content (or not)

In line with the above, never presume your audience has seen your content the first time you published. It’s the same with those annoying TV ads; they are repeated over and over again to make them stick.

On LinkedIn, if you’re lucky, 10% of your followers see your post. If you’re posting from a business page, it’s even lower.

If it’s good, it’s worth repeating it. All you need to do is to check your data and analytics to discover what works. Read more about the 5 step guide to recycle and republish your content.

You don't need any complicated or fancy tools; just the very basics already give you some great insights into what content resonates and what does not. 


presspage stats


Prerequisites for repeating your content

  • If you republish existing content, always update the copy. Visuals matter; nothing looks as brand new as a new visual
  • What was the initial date of publication? Before you recycle and repost, I advise you to have a minimum of three months in between.
  • If your data s*cks, it's not worth repeating. Then, you can rewrite, update, dust, and repost to improve engagement. 


AI-powered not AI-generated

For engaging content, it's indispensable your content is authentically and recognizable to you. The right way to use AI is human - AI - human, not AI - human - AI. 

The first is AI-powered, the second is AI-generated.

If you do the thinking, set up the structure, and use AI to improve and speed up, followed by you again to give the content some human touch and love, it's AI-powered. Your personality will shine through as you are the main driver. 

However, if you use AI to fully generate your content, no matter how much you prompt on your tone of voice, your content will lose a part of your identity. And your audience will notice in some way that the content is AI-generated. 


Daily love for maintaining quality and reach

The biggest mistake in content is that you think you can get away with some attention every once in a while. That's not how it works. 

Take your time; content is not a start-stop campaign and should be given some daily love or at least a weekly basis. I know that's quite an effort within your team, but that's what's needed to keep it alive. 

By giving my content a bit of attention every day, I keep the workload low and still have over 25.000 unique visitors a year and 1.000 subscribers to my email updates. 


Conclusion: unlock your efficiency and amplify your reach

In summary, if you work smarter, not harder, you can save yourself some serious budgets and your team's valuable time.  I really don't get why not more brands are applying this trick to create multiple variations, with several assets posted asynchronously and repeat what works. 

Small side note: AI is not your rescue here. This only works if your content stays of high quality, with personality and authenticity. And that comes down to you, who does the strategic thinking. Then, you jump to AI to power up the process and improve what you already have. 

The trick on how I get:  1 x .com with 6 x distribution x 3 variations, and each you repeat at least one time = 42 content pieces

  1. First, you create one piece of content for .com
  2. Then, you pivot that into multiple variations,
  3. and per variation, you create multiple assets for your distribution on social and email marketing,
  4.  that you post asynchronously over time,
  5. and you use data to repeat what works.


Now, it’s up to you to expand your content's lifetime and get more out of your time and budget investments. Try it yourself and let me know what you think.


Need help to start with AI today?

If you need any help setting up this new process and getting your team started while hitting the ground running, don’t hesitate to drop me a DM on LinkedIn. 

If I'm not your designated person, I can certainly recommend someone in my network who can help you.