3 Key take aways for content excellence

TLDR: what you need to know

Creating great content is no rocket science, as long as you keep these three rules in mind. Learn and copy-paste these insights and their lessons learned from 25+ interviews, chats, and talks with the big international agencies, the most amazing brands, the inspirational startups, entrepreneurs, artists, and top athletes.


1. Be distinctive

Know your ‘why’ you do what you. Show and tell your passion and pride. Set yourself apart from your competitors. Dare to be different and stand out from the crowd. Don’t make nor be ‘more of the same’.


2. Takes time

In general 1 to 3 years before content adds to your business objectives. Balancing your content between brand building and brand awareness is key and it takes time. Be patient to tell your brand story that unfolds over time and then delivers results. Expecting direct revenue from content is not realistic.

Those exponential exploding start-ups also start with building their brand awareness via content. All based on an insight into the market and on data. Basics first before skyrocketing.


3. Listen 

Really listen to your audience. Tapp into their daily lives what they need to solve their problems. And adjust your product and communications to provide them with an answer. Use data from Google, YouTube, FB and IG audience insights, web analytics and your internal sales data. Use customer care and webcare, they are the first line of contact. Use Facebook Groups, anonymous and don’t dare to interfere. And then, use that information to understand and implement, not to reply.



Last, not least, it is absolutely bespoke. There is no such thing as a one size fits all content model for strategy and operation. It is custom made for your brand, organization, wishes, needs and available resources.

There is no black or white straight way forward one size fits all. There is no ‘good’ or ‘bad’. That only exists in fairytales. Content is fifty shades of grey. Adapted to each and one’s desires.

If anyone tells you about that golden content nugget, think twice if you want to work with them.


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