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Finding a publisher is damn difficult. Honestly, getting denied time over time again isn't that bad, feedback improved my writing and made the book to what it is today. Yet, what is content if it doesn't reach the audience. If the knowledge stays on my computer, nobody benefits. Hence, flipping the perspective and practicing what I preach, I decided to publish by myself, online, piece by piece. 

Week by week I publish the individual chapters and paragraphs of my book. Each has its own release, indexed by tags. At the end of each chapter, you can download the PDF with the collection of the releases that create the chapter.  First to expect in Spring 2020.

You can bounce from release to release by using the tags, you can search for topics or you can just go with the flow and read what resonates. 


Four chapters

Four main elements, once the corresponding content is online, I add the link

1. First, build some solid basics and fundaments with a firm strategy and identity, download the first part in this PDF

2. Second, create a content structure based on data and using tags, themes or topics

3. Third, set up a central and agile content team

4. Forth, get your tools and processes in place



From theory to operational excellence. Deepend by interviews with the most inspiring peers from top-class agencies and amazing brands. From the big, international and corporate to the start-ups and pro-athletes. All interviews


Table of contents

A sneak peek of what to expect in 2020. Going with the flow, some of these paragraphs will change and update over time.


Chapter 1 'the basics and fundamentals' for content, download the PDF

It starts with a belief

3 Key takeaways for content excellence

Four elements of how to think like a publisher

How to find great visuals

How to set up a newsroom

To blog or not to blog

Share content from others

'How to keep your CFO on board for brand-building' by Les Binet

Your why and leadership

The content basics and fundamentals

Cross-silo content

Long term brand building content

Content pledge

Content pain points

'Epic content marketing tips' by Joe Pulizzi

Start-up to scale-up

Sense of content urgency

We hate ads

Be distinctive

Build a brand before products

Reputation management

Brand safety and content


... the items below are not in the PDF yet

Four mistakes in content strategy

How to measure your goals and progress

Content to contribute to business objectives

Set your KPIs  

Reporting Tips  

Measure progress with OKR

Fill the top of the funnel

Use a brand persona for content consistency

Sonic identity and content

How to make a podcast, insights by WPK

Social first

The audience first for the best content

Learn them something new

Content follows media spend

Create a threesome: content, media, and production

Common content mistakes

How visuals outperform copy



Chapter 2 'content structure' to create an overview

How to structure content

What is Content  

Content Strategy  

Content eco-system

Indexing your content  

Data for content

Analyse your competitors content

Use Google Data  

Content and SEO: tips and tricks  

Help Content for Hotter Leads  

Long-form content on the rise

Long-Form or Short-Form  

Webcare for Content  

Big Rock Content: Nike and Audi  


Chapter 3 'team needed' to excel and speed up

In-housing or Agency?  

Silo-agnostic from a PR perspective  

Your content team  

Organizational setup  

Content Team Members  

Make it a habit  

Manage your content stakeholders  

Set up and editorial board  

How to use an editorial calendar  

Content efficiency tips  

Prepare and preproduce content

Re-use and repeat content

Repurpose content  

Customer care integration

Social first instead of mobile-first  

Crisis communications and content


Chapter 4 'tools and processes needed'

How to set up your distribution

How to set up a newsroom

Use and abuse newsroom platform  

Email isn't dead yet  

How to audit existing content  

Set up the workflow  

Speeding Up Production Process  

How to keep track of content trends  

Writing tools for great content

Writing tips to keep going


A preliminary list of the interviews, expect more in the next months

'How to keep your CFO on board for brand-building' by Les Binet

'Content to stand out' by Flinders

‘Get your mandate in place before you start’ by Toyota

What big brands can learn from a small retailer

‘Stick to your brand voice’ by WodBottom

‘Character Gives Respect’ by G-Star RAW

'Context for content for success' by Nuud

'Wake up!' by IMA on influencers

ACHTUNG! on the importance of your brandstory

'Long term effectiveness with content' by DDB

'Try!' by Erik Hensel

'Brand building on social' by Callum McCahon

Don't Bullshit by WPK  

Think beyond the sound logo by Massive Music  

5 Briefing Tips by Massive Music  

Don't Be Vanilla by Sizzer  

Content for People by Universal Music  

Make Your Own Podcast by WPK  

Two Tips for Content Excellence, by S4 Media Monks

Kelloggs on using data to optimize  

S4 MediaMonks on Data and Creativity

Help for +280% 'Want to Buy a Samsung' by WPK

What brands can learn from a pro-kitesurfer


The best books to read

Reading is candy for the mind


And more to read on digital publishing and content

Digital publishing

Don't pretend to be what you are not

Perfection is the enemy of progress

Eat the frog alive


Fleur Willemijn van Beinum
Practice what I preach. From getting denied by publishers to digitally publishing by myself. Scarry as sh*t and gives energy like hell. Loving every moment of it
Fleur Willemijn van Beinum

Week by week I publish and release the individual paragraphs of my book. You can bounce from release to release by using the tags. Or check out the table of contents. Each paragraph has its own release, indexed by tags. At the end of each chapter, you can download the PDF.